With the average Australian household spending more than $200 a week on groceries, customers are being offered the perfect tool that could cut that cost in half at the checkout


The average Australian household spends more than $200 a week on groceries. But what if you could cut that cost in half? With major supermarkets battling it out for a place on your shopping list, customers 

are being offered the perfect tool to save hundreds at the checkout. As a single mum with five kids to feed, Brooke Weithington knows how to stick to a budget. Two of these. Two of these. Two of these. 

Barbecue. Cream. The Gold Coast Mums' top tips for saving money at the checkout, earning her a dedicated following online. At Woolworth's, I got basically everything half -price and it came $250. 

It requires a little dedication, but she says by splitting her weekly shop between three major stores, Coles, Woolies and Aldi, she gets around 50% off every time. Catalogs definitely help me keep track of all the half -price items. 

I can start doing all my meal planning for the week and I've got two days before I go and get all the groceries. Some stores may have specials on pantry staples, whereas another store may have specials on cleaning products 

or bathroom supplies, so it really pays to do your research. For example, right now Woolies is offering half -price on a range of pantry and cleaning essentials. Save $9 on a litre bottle of olive oil, cans of John West's tuna 50% off, 

laundry liquid and a 62 pack of dishwasher tablets also significantly reduced. Meantime, there are big discounts on snacks at Coles. Save more than $2 on Tim Tams, Thins Chips. Nature Valley Musley bars also 50% off. 

The major supermarkets now releasing guides to their best discount before they hit shelves each Wednesday, giving savvy shoppers a sneak peek at what's to come. Because doing some planning before you come to shop can help to make sure that you meet your budget. 

It pays off. Exclusively for 9 News, Compare the Market looked at buying 22 items advertised in the Woolworths and Coles catalogue this week. All up, the combined bill came to a total of $145. 

Full price, the same shop would have cost $289, a saving of $144. If you've got that budget, it's really easy to stick to that. Catalogues are available online every Monday from 5pm. 

Claire Todd Hunter, 9 News. .

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