Opposition Leader Peter Dutton apologised to robodebt victims but is criticising the government for its response to the royal commission, accusing it of politicising the issue


Good afternoon. The opposition leader has delivered an apology to RoboDec victims, but is criticising the government for its response to the Royal Commission, accusing it of politicising the 

issue. Eliza Edwards has the story. In his first public comment, since the Royal Commission's final report was handed down, Peter Dutton labelled the findings serious and said sorry to the victims of the RoboDec 

scheme who were hounded for debts they didn't owe. The opposition leader also took aim at the government's response to the inquiry and what he described as glee from the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten. 

I believe very strongly that Bill Shorten politicised this issue from day one. The Royal Commission was particularly scathing of Scott Morrison, Stuart Robert and Alan Touch who have rejected the findings against them. Peter Dutton said he didn't know if 

any of his colleagues or former colleagues were included in a sealed section of the case, including the AFP and new National Anti -Corruption Commission for potential civil and criminal 

actions. There's a presumption of innocence in our country and whether it's Liberal or Labour members who are standing accused of something, if people have done the wrong thing then they 

should answer according to the law. But equally, there's a presumption of innocence until guilt is proven. So this sort of trial by media or trial by Bill Shorten in question time is 

not how our legal system works. Governments are meant to be there to help people, not hurt people. The Morrison government and even the Turnbull government by setting up and running the scheme, it hurt people, 

it didn't help them. That's a massive breach of trust. Legal experts concede it could take years for any legal processes to play out but some victims say they already feel a step closer to justice with the Royal Commission's report 

in their hands. A gunman and his accomplice are on the run after a suspected gangland shooting in Sydney's inner west. Bianca Belser has more. The brothers were at a hair salon just behind me here in Maricville when a gunman has stepped 

out of a car, walked in and opened fire. In a matter of just 10 seconds the man, all dressed in black, was seen calmly leaving and getting back in the car. Detectives are now on the 

hunt for him and his accomplice and are right now pouring over mountains of evidence to track them down. Today new footage has emerged of one of the cars used in the shooting. On top of that all along this street there are security cameras and there were dozens of 

eyewitnesses who saw this shooting unfold here on busy Maricville Road yesterday afternoon. Two men were hit, a 20 year old shot in the chest and a 33 year old shot in the buttocks. 

Now both are stable at RPA Hospital, their family and friends visiting today. I thought inner west was very safe but it looks like crimes everywhere. It all shook and I was like that's not normal so I went outside and had a look and I saw a car on 

fire in front of my laneway. A second getaway car was found alive. This hit has all the hallmarks of a gangland shooting and so police are probing whether it is linked to the murder 

of high profile gangster Alan Morridian last month or whether this is an entirely separate plot. Wild winds battering Victoria have kept emergency services busy responding to hundreds 

of calls. One family is lucky to be alive after their car plunged off an embankment in the Alpine region. Nearytire has more. The SES has been called to more than 270 calls for help as wild 

weather lashed the state. Trees have been uprooted, there have been cars damaged and buildings damaged as well as winds peaked at more than 100 kilometers an hour. A family of four has also had 

a lucky escape after their car plowed 50 meters down an embankment near Falls Creek. Luckily the four members managed to climb out to safety. Two people aged in their 50s were taken to hospital 

and two teenage boys suffered minor injuries. Really lucky in terms of those people being able to self -extricate out of that vehicle. There's been blizzard -like conditions which saw the closure 

of the Great Alpine Road. Strong winds have also shot some ski lifts. We're looking forward to reaching the one meter mark very shortly. Winds peaked at more than 100 kilometers an hour in 

Mount Hotham 110 while at Mount Jellybrand was 106 kilometers per hour. Similar gusts set Port Phillip Bay while Geelong Racecourse recorded 76 kilometers per hour. Bloody freezing and windy. 

It's not over yet, more wild weather is expected tonight. There'll be a high tide around Melbourne, which could lead to flooding on low -lying walkways. That means the Yarra and Pony Fish Island could go

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