Police are investigating a double shooting at Marrickville in Sydney’s Inner West as two men recover in hospital


Detectives are pouring over a mountain of evidence left behind by two men responsible for a double shooting yesterday at Marrickville in Sydney's inner west. The victims are two brothers from the western suburbs and tonight they remain in hospital. 

Blood spilled in the heart of Marrickville, a new front in Sydney's gangland war. No lives lost but William and Etouarte Eric Ciale have been shot. The older brother William aged 33 hit in the backside while 20 -year -old Etouarte has 

taken a bullet to the chest. Today their family and friends are by their sides but their shooter and his getaway driver are on the loose. I thought inner west was very safe but it looks like crime's everywhere. 

Police keeping watch on Marrickville Road, the crime scene putting local business owners on edge. We have a lot of customer scaring, even one customer running into my shop for hardings. 

Detectives lock up Adele's hair salon after a final sweep. The owners staying far away today. I feel sorry for them because they're nice guys. They would just probably work in and you know, just their clients, you know, you don't know who they are. The hit was clumsy but it was quick. Within just 10 seconds the gunman left the car, opened fire and got away. 

The pair trying to cover their tracks instead only draw more attention. Cars on fire in Dullwich Hill and Sydenham. I saw a great plumes of black smoke going up and realised these were explosions. 

It all shook and I was like, that's not normal. So I went outside and had a look and I saw a car on fire in front of my laneway. With security cameras, eye witnesses and evidence sprawled across the inner west, the trail 

of clues is long, pointing to who these men are and where they've gone. In Maricville, Bianca Bowser, 9 News.

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