A brazen daylight shooting in a Sydney street has left two men in hospital as police hunt the gunman


We're in hospital this morning following another brazen shooting on the streets of Sydney. The victims were gunned down in a barbershop in Marrickville in Sydney's inner west shortly 

after lunchtime. Let's bring in former New South Wales police officer Peter Moroney. Good morning to you Peter, thanks for being with us. So brazen this, what more do we know about the victims? Essentially not too much at the moment. There is some allegations that 

they may be linked to another outlaw motorcycle again, perhaps their banditos. Now if that is the case and then we look at the shooting from approximately two weeks ago with their links to the common cheros. If that turns out to be true then we go back to the old days of the Father's Day massacre of common cheros vs banditos but of course all that's still to be confirmed just yet. This is broad daylight. As people walk in with guns shoot 

up the place in broad daylight. My wife and mother -in -law were a couple of blocks away from this when it happened. They obviously didn't know until later what had happened. It just seems that these guys are getting away with a lot and they're just going and 

doing these things without any fear of being caught. Absolutely and then you bring into play Alice. The police station is only approximately 100 metres around the corner itself. The mere 

fact that they knew that the two victims are inside the barbershop does give you some indication that either they've been watched or that they had an idea that that's where they're going 

to be because there is some witnesses that bringing to account the car of the stinger was seen out the front. So they have laid in wait for a period of time and as you say broad daylight, lunchtime straight into a barbershop and with no regard for the other 

customers that are in there or the barbers for that matter, at least five, six or seven shots. Gee, I mean is it escalating Miss Gangland War? As long as we're going to have drugs and then going to have money and you're going to have power and then you're going to have greed it's going to be a revolving circle. Alice it's been going on since the early days of the white sitting shooting with Mick Canaan and he's gang at the time. It's going 

to stay in place for as long as the root cause of these shootings remains and let's face it unfortunately, drugs are a large part of our society now. Yeah, how does society stay safe? As we say broad daylight, Merrickville is a busy part of Sydney, the inner west of 

Sydney, there's families around, there's kids. Yeah, look, as you say your wife's in close proximity to yesterday, the good thing I suppose if there can be a good thing is most of us 

like you and I don't have anything to fear in terms of being targeted. However, as we've been talking about recently, it's that possibility of being caught up in the crossfire if the 

others happen to have weapons and return that fire. That's where the greater fear for the community then comes and particularly also as I understand that a couple of the offenders dealt with one or two of the witnesses that were filming them yesterday and tried to manhandle them as well. So if you do see crimes like this unfold whilst it's a temptation to pull 

out your phone and gather evidence, look after yourself first instead of trying to get involved. Great advice, Peter. And we know that the two burnt out cars have been found. There's a lot 

more to come out of this. Thanks for your time. Pleasure. Okay, Jane. A brazen daylight shooting at a hair salon in Sydney's inner west yesterday afternoon has left two men in hospitals 

suffering gunshot wounds, one of them fighting for his life. Today's Sydney reporter, Sarah Stewart is in Merrickville this morning. Good morning, Sarah. Police remain there at the scene this morning. 

Good morning to you, Jane. They do. They have been here all night. This is still very much an active crime scene. I've just spoken to police. They have said at this stage no arrests have been 

made. But in regards to the two people who were shot here yesterday afternoon, they are both in hospital in a stable condition. And I just want to show you this. This is where it happened 

yesterday afternoon. It is a hair salon. It is right on the main street in Merrickville. It is about 100 metres from the police station. It is alleged that yesterday afternoon around 150, 

a man dressed in black went through this door. Two men were having their hair cut. And that is when he has opened fire, injuring both of these men. Now, police believe that this was 

a targeted attack. Both of these men are known to police. So they are stressing very much, this is not random. But what is of concern is that it was in such a public, such a busy place. 

It is school holidays at the moment. And there were so many people walking along this street. There were families here yesterday afternoon. They were also investigating if it was linked 

to a shooting in Bondi just a week or so ago. So the concern for police now is that these people don't seem to care where they are doing this anymore. And I'm concerned that next time a member 

of the public may get caught up in the crossfire, Jane. Yeah, very scary, Sarah. Thank you. you

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