The hunt for the owner of a pair of Irish Wolfhounds continues after a woman and her pet dog recover from a vicious attack while taking a walk on a popular track in Sydney's south yesterday


Good news tonight following yesterday's story of the woman and her pet dog attacked by Irish wolfhounds in Sydney's South. The woman has undergone surgery and her beloved pet is fighting 

for life but there's still no sign of the owner of the vicious hounds. Wherever Eleanor Booth goes, Indy, her Jack Russell goes too. A bond that's hard to explain but one Eleanor would do anything to protect. And right now a medical team are doing everything 

they can to save little Indy who's in the fight of her life. Undergoing emergency surgery late this afternoon but yesterday in the arms of her owner who was neck deep in mud fighting off two vicious and aggressive Irish wolfhounds. A 20 minute 

attack where they both suffered significant injuries, she thought they wouldn't survive. She said, I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to die with my dog as well dead in my arms. 

Sam and Dan, friends of Eleanor's that were there yesterday, say there was a man with the two dogs, calling them to stop attacking but when they didn't, he vanished. I initially thought he'd gone to get help but there was no seeing him after that. 

Two strangers did help from across the Georgia's river they heard her screams and called police. One officer pepper spraying the Irish wolfhounds as the other trudged into the mud helping 

Paul, Eleanor and Indy to safety. That's where Dan and Sam were waiting for her. I think she said to me like I'm all muddy and I was like I do not care, come here. The 34 year old has undergone surgery on both her hands today but she's stable and physically 

will recover. Her psychological wounds might take longer to heal. As for Indy, she remains in a critical condition. She needs the life saving surgery so they are really needing this community support. 

Amongst the heartbreak, there's already so many heart warming gestures from complete strangers. One man's already donated $2 ,500 towards Eleanor and Indy's medical bills and many more are lining up to help. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up. Eleanor and her partner have already spent $25 ,000 on medical bills and that will increase. Any little small donation would be amazing. Going a long way. 

Going a long way for justice, police and local council, they're speaking with the owner of these two dogs now impounded. No charges or fines have been issued yet. In Logano, Alex Hynke, 9 News.

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