Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has apologised over the robodebt scandal, but at the same time taken a swipe at Labor.


Good evening. Victims of the RoboDET scheme have today been offered an apology from the opposition leader. But Peter Dutton, whose party instigated the program, also took a swipe at Labor, accusing it of politicising the issue. 

A sorry saga laid bare by a Royal Commission, now an apology to RoboDET victims. I'm sorry to those people that have been adversely affected. I truly am. Peter Dutton was part of two former coalition governments which relied heavily on income 

averaging to clawback welfare debts. Except the system got it wrong hundreds of thousands of times, people like Felicity hounded for money they didn't owe. It was the worst betrayal of my life, to be honest, and it's absolutely traumatising and terrifying. 

This is a shameful episode. The intent was right, but the execution was appalling. When the problems were brought to the attention of the government at the time, the program was stopped. 

But the inquiry found public servants and politicians took too long to act and the damage was already done. This is their political tombstone, this is what's going to be etched on it, that a group of them just abused their power. 

Scott Morrison, Stuart Robert and Alan Tudge all disputing the findings against them, while the opposition leader says he's in the dark about whether any current or ex -colleagues have been referred to police or the corruption watchdog for investigation, 

details contained in a secret part of the report. The Prime Minister for political reasons is trying to find an opportunity to unseal that document against the advice of the Royal Commissioner. 

Claiming the politicisation of the findings has crossed a line. I just cautioned the glee of the Prime Minister and of Bill Shorten at the moment. This isn't about politics, it's about people. 

There could have been a hint of empathy from Peter Dutton, but there was none. A hint of relief though from the Liberal candidate vying for the federal seat of Fadden, that outgoing MP Stuart Robert is steering clear of the by -election campaign. 

He stepped out of the limelight. Look, it's fair enough that he gives me as the new guy a clear ad. Eliza Edwards joins us now from the newsroom. Eliza, the Prime Minister, will tomorrow turn his focus to security as he heads to Europe. 

Georgie, he'll be taking part in the NATO summit in Lithuania. Australia isn't a member of the alliance, but we're a valuable partner to Europe and America, and have provided significant support to Ukraine, which is why Anthony Albanese has scored this invite. 

There's also suggestions the PM might drop into Kyve for a second time, potentially to announce more military assistance. But the first stop on his European visit will be Germany, a country we don't have a lot to do with right now. 

The government looking to sign new deals on defence and energy security. Georgie? Eliza Edwards, thank you.

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