A P-plater has allegedly damaged several parked cars and narrowly avoided two homes on a street in Sydney’s south-west


The 17 -year -old pee -plater has had quite the crash in Sydney's southwest overnight, accused of damaging five cars, flattening fences and narrowly avoiding two homes. But it was his father who was hit with criminal charges. 

There's rude awakenings and then there's this. 12 .30 at night. There is a car in our front driveway. A Toyota Hilux at the end of a wild ride, centimetres from a riverwood home where kids 

were sleeping. It came to rest, spared between two cars, or three. But it got there by plowing through two fences, speeding across the front yard of this home and side -swiping, not one, not two, but three other parked cars on Bond's Road, losing its front 

wheel in the process. This morning, it was up to the homeowners to clean up the mess. At first, I think my sister and I both thought that it was coming head -on to our house, so we 

were a bit frightened. Kate and her sister were just metres from the path of this youth. They heard the carnage before they saw it. I think we're just all really lucky that it could have 

turned out much worse. The driver, a 17 -year -old pee -plater, was uninjured and two 20 -year -old male passengers unharmed as well. As authorities were questioning that 17 -year -old driver, 

allegedly responsible for this, his father arrived at the scene demanding answers as well. Police say he slapped and punched his son. That 44 -year -old man arrested and charged. Police allege this is the 44 -year -old father running towards his son. He's now on conditional 

bail, facing domestic violence -related offences from the alleged assault and will be in court this Wednesday. In Riverwood, Alex Sinkie, 9 News.

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