Rescuers in a remote area of the Atlantic Ocean are racing against time to find the missing submersible carrying five people on a mission to the wreckage of the Titanic


Welcome back to today. The passengers aboard the sub -⁠loss near the wreck of the Titanic have less than 40 hours of oxygen left. As those hours tick by, the chances of rescue are getting slimmer and slimmer. CBS correspondent 

David Pogue has been inside the exact submarine that's missing. He joins us now from Connecticut in the US. David, thanks so much for your time. Now, you actually went missing yourself, 

aboard this very submarine last year. Take us through that experience. It must have been terrifying. Not exactly. I don't know how that wire got crossed. They take you out for $250 ,000 for 

five days over the Titanic. That gives them five chances to get down there. A lot of times the weather is no good. A lot of times there are mechanical troubles. So what did happen during one of those dives, not mine, was that the sub got lost on the sea floor. It was never 

out of contact with the ship on the surface, but they couldn't find the Titanic. So they drove around in the dark for three hours before giving up and coming back up. In terms of how it's operated, is it true that it's a PlayStation controller? 

This thing is built with a number of off -⁠the -⁠shelf components that I grant you. There it is. That's the PlayStation controller that he uses to drive the sub. And he says, I like it because 

it's cheap, it's rugged, it does exactly what we need it to do, and it's very reliable. Those lights on the ceiling there, those he says I bought from camperworld .com. So there are some Jerry Rig aspects to it, but the Stockton Rush, the inventor that you see there, 

stresses that the part that counts, the carbon fiber hull that you're looking at there, that he designed in collaboration with NASA, and it is rock solid and not going to be a problem. 

David, I'm curious, because we're seeing pictures inside that submersible as well. It looks like it's obviously uncomfortable. You're in there for a few hours, but was there ever a contingency 

plan if something did go wrong? The only thing they talk about is fire. So they have a fire extinguisher aboard, and they have you practice with fire masks, smoke masks. But other than that, there really is nothing 

you can do in the event of a disaster except to surface. And this thing has seven different methods of surfacing. There are sandbags they can drop, there are heavy metal pipes they can 

drop, there's an air balloon, there are thrusters. So they have a number of different ways to come back to the surface. And I think what's relevant today is that one of those methods works even if 

everybody has passed out. So there is a dissolving hook that holds sandbags, and after a certain number of hours, the seawater deteriorates the hook, drops the sandbags, and the sub comes to 

the surface even if you're not controlling it. So the question is why haven't they found it if it is sitting here on the surface? Yeah, there are so many questions, David, and time is swiftly running out. Thanks so much for 

your insight. Really appreciate it this morning. Well, the US Coast Guard is working around the clock, deploying all resources in the hope of finding a missing tourist sub that vanished 

while exploring the Titanic. Nine US correspondent, Alison Petrovsky, is following the story. Allie, time is running out. Yeah, it really is, James. The Coast Guard is estimating that there 

is probably only about 36 hours of oxygen left for those five men on that tourist sub. US and Canadian crews searching throughout the night by sea and by air. But as you heard a little bit 

earlier, that search so far has been fruitless. The search taking place in such a remote part of the Atlantic Ocean, 1400 kilometers east of Cape Cod, something like 650 ks south of Newfoundland. 

Today, a vessel with underwater capabilities is scoping out the area around the wreckage of the Titanic. So we wait to hear the results of that, James. And this search at the moment is really 

just focused on finding this vessel. At this point in time, they do not have the equipment necessary to conduct a rescue if they could. They are moving heavy and complex equipment into that 

area, transporting it. But logistically, it is a nightmare because of the remoteness of this site. Earlier in the show, we heard from CBS journalist David Pogue, who went on board that sub for a 

story last year. And he said the only real thing that the crew could prepare for was a fire. They have a fire extinguisher aboard and they have you practice with fire masks, smoke masks. 

But other than that, there really is nothing you can do in the event of a disaster except to surface. The Boston Coast Guard says they have already searched an area of about 20 ,000 kilometers, 

Well, there's now less than 24 hours before the air on board the five -⁠person Titan submarine runs out. Its last location was 1400 kilometres from land and while a fleet of ships and aircraft continue the search, 


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