Onlookers were left speechless after a kangaroo was spotted taking a dip in the waters off North Stradbroke Island in Queensland.


Well now for a story that is quit essentially Australian. A kangaroo has been spotted taking a dip in the waters of Minjiribar, North Stradbroke Island. Amazed on, look who's filming the 

special encounter. Friday's sundown is on Straddy. It's hard to get much more Queensland than that. Until this. We might have to move because I don't get scared. This is Cylinder Beach on Minjiribar, North Stradbroke Island and those two little ears 

in the ocean belong to a kangaroo taking an avo dip. My god. Hey Skippy. That's the voice of Brisbane woman Catherine Edwards. What happens next is a moment she'll cherish forever. 

Oh my god. Holy cow there is a kangaroo. Just joking. Are you joking? What's going on kangaroo? It just felt like a magical moment and we just felt really full of gratitude and like 

we'd been welcomed to his patch. Isn't it beautiful? The swimming kangaroo. Straddy clearly a popular swimming spot for roos. Having a buddy fish. This video was taken by some fishermen in 2021. As for 


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